Bring back the private broswer 'cool sunglasses lion' logo variant


I’ve noticed that Brave seems to have removed the logo variant for private browsing which shows the Brave Lion wearing sunglasses. This update seems to coincide the the release of the Tor beta options. The cool sunglasses lion is really heartwarming and I’m sad to see the guy go, its one of my favourite things about the browser. Would like to see him reimplemented.


Hi @Lionheart,
Thanks for the request!

Actually, I myself forgot if Brave ever used that icon for private tab.
As far I can remember correctly, Brave only use sunglasses icon for private tab, which still used untll now for Private Tab. And show Tor when it’s Private Tab wit Tor.

Private Tab

Private Tab with Tor


The sunglasses lion didn’t appear on the tab, rather on the ‘homepage’ when you opened a new tab, in this capacity:

Obviously I’m asking for a rather small and trivial thing but, its a case of quality of life.


Making this happen will be my new lifes work :wink: :joy:


Ah, that logo! Now I remember it. :sweat_smile:

cc @rossmoody on this request. :slight_smile:


Sad to see the deal-with-it-lion go but this was an intentional change to restore a bit of brand purity on our part. The sunglasses might not stick around forever and I think we all liked the lion but keeping it here diminished the brand a little bit and it’s something we’d like to discourage moving forward.

The best way I can show this is see how when we put glasses on the Chrome logo or Opera it makes them feel almost childish? Retaining the integrity of the logo is a pretty important initiative from a branding perspective so if given the choice moving forward, we will shy away from manipulating the lion.


Thanks for the explanation @rossmoody!

@Lionheart I’m going to close out this post for now, but please feel free to open a new post for any other issues/questions/requests.