Breach of trust by Brave

Let’s take an example of YouTube. When we watch videos on YouTube we see ads which in turn pay creators. In brave we don’t see any ads and thats why creators don’t get paid. The solution for that problem was to reward them with tips. Chrome and Firefox enable the creators to get paid by showing the viewers ads. I hope this provides you clearity. Sometimes you need to expand your vision to understand things which are working behind the scenes. If you had known the functions of various browsers you wouldn’t had asked such a idiotic question. It would had saved my precious time to explain such common sense things.

Even with new changes coming, you can still participate in Rewards and Creators get tips. The only thing changing is you don’t get the vBAT. All ad notifications and all that you see while participating in Rewards will be set to Auto-Contribute to the Creators sites and content you visit. The more time you spend on their content, the more BAT they will get.

I recommend the same for you. It seems there is much more you need to see and learn. There are some great points and thoughts you have but a lot of it shows a lack of understanding on the topics.

This here is what’s called a logical fallacy. Attacking people never is acceptable. If you’re in college as you mentioned, this should have been taught to you. In this you not only were saying their question was idiotic, but you’re saying they lack common sense and don’t comprehend the functions of various browsers. This is an assumption by you and also is pulling away from the topic by attempting to pull away from what’s being discussed.

So you know, Chrome and Firefox have adblock extensions they permit Users to have. Things like Adblock, uBlock, etc. All of those would block the same YouTube and other ads as Brave does. And Brave allows you to turn off Shields if you want to allow ads to appear on any website. This means all browsers have the function you’re discussing. The difference is Brave does it by default and is better, in many ways. Also, unlike with those extensions or other browsers, Brave gives Users an option to be able to fund Creators without having to view ads that might also track User information or put malware on the User’s device, which is a common issue with traditional ads.

He remembered he had an actual job between two antivaxx nazi conspiracy tweets? There’s hope then.

This was different in Brave that we could support even after blocking ads. As someone said that we can still participate in Brave Rewards which will be auto contributed so I would say that This should not happen we need manual contribute option not auto contribute because auto contribute There is a 90% chance that he himself will contribute to BRAVE. Secondly, there should be some Indian creators in Brave Creator if Brave feels that the Creator is involved in any kind of fraud If you can then verify Brave manual for this

@Richi100 You are right ( breach of our trust by brave)
I saw that some people are still supporting Brave, so I would say that they are puppets of Brave and there is no need to pay attention to them.

It is possible that some people may think that why they are not understanding, then I will tell them that we do not want to understand at all!

Note:- I am no longer interested in Brave Rewards Because Basic Attention Token has no value at all. Earlier I used to wonder why chose crypto for Brave payout, so that Brave can control its price.

Note: Brave Rewards should be stopped all over the world or should be only in usa.

If anyone thinks that Brave Rewards will return to India then it is wrong because Indian government has no such intention on crypto till now there is no regulatory body on crypto.

The Brave browser has been making waves in the online community for its unique approach to online advertising and its focus on user privacy. One of the key features of Brave is its rewards program, which allows users to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing ads and for supporting content creators through Brave’s built-in browser wallet. However, in recent months, many users and creators have noticed that their rewards have been delayed or stopped altogether.

This has led to a lot of confusion and frustration among the Brave community, and many are now calling on the creators of the browser to come forward and explain what is happening. Some users have reported that their rewards have been delayed for months, while others claim that they have not received any rewards at all. There are also reports of creators who have seen a significant drop in their earnings from Brave.

It is not clear what has caused these issues, but some are speculating that they may be related to the recent price fluctuations of the BAT token. Others have suggested that there may be technical issues with the rewards system itself. Whatever the cause, it is clear that something is not working as it should, and the community deserves an explanation.

As creators and users of Brave, we implore the creators to come forward and address these concerns. The Brave browser has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet, but that potential will not be realized if users and creators do not have faith in the rewards system. An open and transparent explanation of what is happening would go a long way towards restoring that faith.

We understand that any project has its challenges, but it’s important that the creators of Brave take responsibility and communicate with its users and creators. As users and creators we have invested our time and resources in this project, therefore it’s important that we have a clear understanding of what is happening and what steps the Brave team is taking to address the issue.

We hope that the creators of Brave will take these concerns seriously and provide the community with the answers they deserve. We are excited about the future of the Brave browser and look forward to continuing to support this innovative project.

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Capitalism and communism are 2 sides of the same coin.

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And the alternative to Capitalism is the taking by force of that which one desires to own. Capitalism is the first and only economic system which makes possible free trade without violence and stealing. Unfortunately, there is almost no Capitalism in the world today, with everything being a regulated economy. As such, corporations will act much like their governments do.

Brave statement from Brendan. Brave would have to be really influential in India to “partner another exchange” and “bring back India”.

I’m excited. :crossed_fingers:

Conversation quickly devolving.
I understand that OP and maybe some other users are looking for some deep and involved response about why Rewards “isn’t working”. The truth is pretty simple:

  1. It is working — despite what you may read on Community, hundreds of thousands of users and Creators are paid out exactly what they’re owed every single month without any issues.
  2. Bugs and unforeseen conflicts do happen — as they do in in most software. The Rewards system is extremely complex with a ton of moving parts and additional considerations. When these occur, we work extremely hard to ensure that the bug/issue is resolved and that any users that missed their payment will still receive it.

That’s pretty much it. We are constantly working to fix bugs and adjust our systems to work better in the future and we are constantly working to add or re-add new supported regions to Rewards.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and support.