Brazil/Latin America - Anyone here from the country/continent?

Well, first of all i’m not into tech at all, and really didn’t care about anything tech related, before reading some articles on the internet, except for quality of hardware…

Either way, now that i use brave and have been interested in new types of programs and communities, i wonder if there are around here, any Brazilians or residing in Latin America Latin Americans? Cheers


Brazilian here, using Brave daily

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Hey all, can I join the Brazilian party? :grin:

Happy you all are enjoying Brave so far! Looking forward to see more Brazilians using Brave.

By the way, I have some Brave stickers that need an owner, so if you want some please mail me at cezar (at) (our browser name).com or ping me at twitter DM @cezaraugusto with your full name/address so I can send you a few.



Nice! I’ll send you mine today, :smiley: Thanks!

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Sent mine today, thank you!!!

They arrived, thank you very much! Already using them xP

Greetings from Recife :facepunch:


Hey! Porto Alegre here o/


\m/ I would also like to know if i could get more stickers…It’d be ok to buy them too. xP Cheers!

if @cezar does not mind moderating this thread, I think it is OK to use Portuguese :wink:


To me english is ok, i think it’s more broad the reach but, if anyone wants to talk in portuguese, we can too.

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cool thanks Suguru. I’m ok either English/Portuguese.


by the way for everyone in this thread, let your friends know I still have some stickers to send and all they have to do is DM me over twitter (cezaraugusto) or send me an email ( with your full name and address. Abraços!


Falando nisso, para todos nesse topico, fale com seus amigos que eu ainda tenho alguns stickers para enviar, e tudo que eles precisam fazer é me enviar uma DM pelo twitter (cezaraugusto) ou me enviar um email para ( com seu nome completo e endereco. Abraços!


Just count me in to the Brazilian Party!


Brazil Porto Alegre - Using Brave Browser for about 15 days and loving it.
I really hope it will have a great future. We should spread how great this browser is to friends, family and etc.
Spread the word Brazil! :smiley:

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Dominican here and its my first day using the browser and am ready happy whit the performance. the only thing that i need from the browser is personalized themes. but really have to thanks for the great job

+1, Brasília here, meeting Brave!

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Oi! Eu sou de Brasília também.

Hi! I’m from Brasília too!

Nice to meet you!


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Hello from Argentina,

Spreading the word here in Buenos Aires!


Olá! Sou de Curitiba, mas moro nos EUA. Não trabalho com nada ligado a computação ou tecnologia, porém sou interessada em avanços tecnológicos :money_mouth_face:

O que me chamou a atenção para o Brave foi a idéia inovadora de pagar os usuários para ver propagandas.

Estou indo para Curitiba semana que vem, e eu gostaria de saber dos usurários no Brasil se funciona bem a questão das propagandas e rewards? Eu vi em algum outro post algo de que ainda não haviam propagandas funconando no Brasil.


English version, just for the fun of it
Hi! I am from Curitiba (Brazil) but I live in the US. I don’t work with anything related to computers and technology, but I am very interested in technological developments :money_mouth_face:

What made me use Brave was the innovative idea of paying its users to see ads.
I am going to Brazil next week, and I wonder if the ads are working properly there already? I’ve seen another thread that said that there were no ads in Brazil yet.


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Greetings from São Luís!