Brave's task bar icon to show private browsing and use RAM predominantly


I’m assuming Braves private browsing uses RAM rather when using it normal mode but was wondering doesn’t it defeat it’s purpose in that you have to load the main browser to select private browsing and thus not using the RAM predominantly initially because you can’t right-click Brave task bar icon to show ‘private browsing’ - ‘open new tab’, ‘open new window’, ‘new private window’.

I suppose it will be in the next update.


There is an issue logged for the feature to open private only windows from taskbar icon. You can track it here

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Hi @sriram it does sort of answer my question, you just didn’t say whether it uses RAM predominantly or is that a standard feature with private browsing in general.

Rather than adding another issue, could you possibly amend it for an option to drag it separately because I don’t know if you’ve noticed or whether anybody else has brought it up but you can’t drag a tab out which isn’t a problem but Brave doesn’t allow users to right click the Brave icon in the task bar to open a new window either, on top of the already running browser whether it be Private or not (I understand you don’t have Private implemented but could this be fixed together)

I state this because there’s this unique feature in Google Images where by it allows users to drag and drop images into the search bar and Brave doesn’t allow users to move images from a tab into another tab and as stated before Brave doesn’t allow users to open an additional Brave window.

Seeing as Private viewing is somewhat essential for users that don’t want to store data locally I would have figured this would be fixed before V.1.0.0. Speaking of which I also asked whether the auto. clear data on exit in Brave is a secure clean or not - Secure cleaning of browser data



@sampson or @clifton would be able to give a better explanation on the RAM usage in private browsing. [quote=“Numpty, post:3, topic:1759”]
you can’t drag a tab out
Regarding tab tearing into a window, this feature is being currently tested and should be available soon. [quote=“Numpty, post:3, topic:1759”]
Brave doesn’t allow users to right click the Brave icon in the task bar to open a new window either
There is an issue logged to implement this feature


Hi @Numpty,

None of the data opened in private tabs is persisted to disk. In Chromium, we are using a webcontents object which has the incognito property set, so it should behave the same as Chrome. History, cookies, etc are cleared on exit.

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Thanks you can close this.

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