Brave's own media downloader


AFAIK there is currently no chrome extension available that enables the downloading of YouTube videos that isn’t adware. Certainly non on the chrome store. As you already coded your own ad-blocker, do you think there is a chance for Brave to ever include its own media downloader that detects every media on a visited site, lists it and enables the user to select which of it he wants to download?
You would certainly not get in the google store with that if it included YouTube but maybe just implement it in the desktop version. Also, I think this would give you an additional edge that sets you apart from other browsers in functionality big time and would increase your browser-marketshare - especially as lots of add-ons seem to not work on Firefox Quantum anymore and frustrated users are looking for alternatives.




nice idea i support! :hugs:

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I support this idea as well.



Anything’s possible, but to be frank, this sounds highly unlikely to happen. It seems to be beyond the scope of what Brave and BAT are doing, as a company.

That said, I’ll give you a little secret: the best YouTube downloader there is is youtube-dl. There might be a GUI for it, but it’s a command line tool. If you install youtube-dl, ffmpeg and are a little diligent about figuring out how to use the command line, it will change your life.

After all, it’s as easy as youtube-dl "URLHERE", and you’re done. You can even download 4K videos. You bet I’ve downloaded all my favorite K-POP music videos ;).

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@chriscat thanks for the tip, I’ve seen it recommended a couple of times but it seems quite complicated and it will likely not solve my specific problem: I can already download most YT videos with a downloader-website or with JDownloader. The cases in which these options fail are the new “limited state” YouTube videos. In order to access these, I have to click confirm that I really do wanna see them even though YouTube staff/the “YT Community” deems them offensive. No downloader program that I know of is capable of getting past that.
A browser extension would solve that as I can click confirm, then the video starts playing and the downloader extension can then detect the media file to download. Easy enough. Unfortunately, you’d have to use an extension from outside the chrome store as the chrome store does not allow YT downloads. And the one extension that I found that would probably work is from an Indian scam company that contains ad-ware.

Should be easy enough to solve but I haven’t found a solution yet.



Can you give me an example of one of those videos (limited state)? I want to see if they work with youtube-dl.



Sure, lots of videos on the topic of “Ireland 2040” have been put in limited state.
This one for example:

For more limited state videos, see this subreddit:

Thanks for trying it out.



youtube-dl works like a charm, I believe. It doesn’t get fazed by the limited state wall:

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Looks promising but did you actually download the entire file and were able to start playing it?



Under Linux there is also a graphical interface for it. It’s called Gydl and works great. :grinning:



Yup, I just did it again for you (this time I didn’t cancel the download). The video plays perfectly on my computer.

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Ok wow. Well then that was an easy fix lol. Didn’t expect that.
Thanks a lot then, I’ll try to get it running on my Mac. I plan on switching to Linux in the next year anyways and will have to get more tech savvy - ironically it would make things more easy in this case, as @Meta mentioned :smiley:




Mac and Linux are basically the same: they’re both unix-based, so the command line is almost the same. I am on Mac and use youtube-dl without issue. Main thing is to just install youtube-dl and install ffmpeg too. :slight_smile:

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Ok I’ll try it out.
Is there a way to choose a certain quality? I’m usually satisfied with 480p and it saves a lot of HD space. Or does it automatically grab the best available resolution?



Just found it’s possible, although one might have to get used to it a little :smiley:

For anyone interested.



Just a last post to let everyone know this is a solution that does work extremely well. Limited-state videos can be easily downloaded using this method and it’s not hard to install yt-dl.
I didn’t install ffmpeg as making it work in combination with yt-dl is above my skill level but I’ll just keep using downloader-websites for mp3s.



youtube-dl did not work on my machine either (MacOS Mojave):

<urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:726)> (caused by URLError(SSLError(1, u’[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:726)’),))

Mojave got much tougher on security issues (which is good!), that may be the issue…

(I tried with several videos)



Maybe try the other gui version

Youtube-dl GUI