Brave's Official Stance on Censorship

I do not know the others but in my case, the answer is logical. Brave implemented the TOR system on one of its tabs. The people behind Tor advocate for human rights and tor is used as a method of privacy and against censorship, for the same reason it is used by many journalists and criminals. I don’t think brave would have implemented something that they themselves disagree with.

Although it would be best to wait for the official statement from Brave about this.


Highly recommended:


I for one would have not expected the CEO to respond let alone on a community forum so thumbs up to you Brendan. And the stance seems clear…

I totally agree :clap:
I will support this browser as much as possible: it’s time to start recommending it in several discussion boards (I don’t care about ads not working for me, actually I won’t post anymore regarding this issue).
As I said before,

Thank you Mr. @brendan Eich for chiming in.

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I’m not surprised that Brendan answered, I have seen him answer other questions on the forum. It seems correct to me that he is the one who answers these types of questions, since he is the CEO. This shows how much he cares about his community (something to admire, in my opinion).

The stance is more than clear, I will continue to support Brave.

Thanks you @brendan and all the people who work at brave. Let’s make 2021 beneficial


Brave-O, Sir!!! This to me is courage, not the easy route of shutting something/someone down you don’t agree with…and this goes for either side of the political aisle. Will continue to use and promote the Brave!!!

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