Braves monthly pay out

I did not get my monthly payout of braves tokens. This has happened for the past 4 months. It shows that I have a pending balance then on the payout date it goes back to zero. I have tried shutting off the browser then turning it back on. Nothing is working.

Which payout @dperk?
Ads earning or creator payout?

It was ad earnings. I have not received them for 3 months.

A mi no me pagaron mis bat y fue ayer la fecha de pago. Los mios son los BAT de anuncios, pero me siguen apareciendo pendientes para el mes que viene(en el movil).

@dperk on desktop or mobile? And your Brave version? Did you receive a notification to claim your earning?

On desktop:
Did you have a verified Uphold account connected?

Im on a desktop. And no I have not received the notification yet.

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