Brave's logo is not pretty(?

Ok, I don’t know if much people tought of it but I personally think everything in Brave is pretty but the orange heptagonal lion, it has the colors and the dinamic dessign everywhere but in the moment the lion shows up it lows 50% of my excitement, like if you agree I guess(?
Thanks for reading btw ^^

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But really, consider general nomenclature–specifically the temporal semantics of the word “Brave,” and it’s not particularly, well, really not at all synonymous with the word “pretty.” Just saying.

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Hi @BitterBacon

If you don’t like it feel free to fork it :slight_smile:


The CSS image is fantastic. Better still is your remarkable blog post teaching how to replicate. You should create a course, or courses–just saying.

Lol. If you do, please instruct on correct markup in Windows system for commands in jq – specifically quotations.

Regards & Merry Christmas :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::santa::smoking:

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