Braves keeps freezing

Since I updated brave my Macbook Pro keeps freezing while I am attempting to search. Is there a fix, and what could be causing this issue?

When did this start happening? Are you using Grammarly? We believe there is an issue with that extension.

I’ve encountered the same issue; disabled the Grammerly extension, problem solved.

I’ve also tried Grammerly’s support, they have apparently chosen not to acknowledge an issue exists.

This started happening after the update.

Do you have Grammarly installed? As I mentioned, we believe there is a bug with the latest version of Brave and Grammarly. If you need a temporary fix, please remove the extension.

Yes, I have grammerly and use it daily. I will remove from the browser, will you be working to fix this?

We are investigating, however, I would suggest you file an issue with Grammarly’s support too.

I also came here to report the same issue, I noticed Grammarly extension to be blinking before brave go to freeze

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