Braves ios crashes loading this site


Brave crashes as it is loading ths site. Some 5 secs into loading it Brave exits/crashes. Presumably you are getting these crashes as crash reporting is enabled…?

So, ipad 4 running ios 10.1 with current public release of Brave with 45 tabs. All shields are on except script blocking. It seems to make no difference if shields are disabled.

The url:
and also But here it happens some 10 secs after loading and me scrolling down. Am not sure if the scrolling triggered it or not but now that I mention it I will check it.

Update: Brave crashes regardless of scrolling or all shields disablement.

All the best.


Just checked the site you mentioned. On my handset, I did not face any issues luckily.
Android Oreo Samsung S9+


Hmmmm, must have been just the ios build or, something perculiar about my setup.


Just loaded up that first link again and it crashes the newest Brave ios release 1.6.3 when the second sweep of the progress bar (what is this double sweep and that awful pregnant pause between them about?) to about 95%. I did it twice.

Same ipad4 ios 10.1 34 tabs open, all shields on sans the scripts.



Also loaded up the second link…and it crashes brave pretty much the second it fully loads the site on my ipad.


I have just rechecked this link But now it is a page not found 404 error and Brave is ok with that as in it does not crash.

However does. It takes a while to load but when it is almost there Brave crashes. (Ios 10.1 ipad 4 all shields on except script blocking)