Brave's go-ipfs Trojan via MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes pops up Trojan warning on almost every website, due to a file used by Brave, Chrome Canary and Chrome [Version 1.47.171 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)] … C:\users\chris\appdata\local\bravesoftware\brave-browser\user data\lnbclahgobmjphilkalbhebakmblnbij\1.0.19\go-ipfs_v0.17.0_windows-amd64

Has anyone else noticed this?

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I think I considered that app but didn’t like their data collection or something like that. I often tell people that if they haven’t already been hacked it means no one finds them compelling. I don’t know if I believe there is ultimately any possible defense anymore except perhaps to destroy your own credit and spend your money before it can be stolen. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

Yep, mine started doing this yesterday. MalwareBytes is triggering over and over as I use Brave Nightly. The non-beta Brave seems not to trigger anything for now at least.

Disable IPFS in Brave. It has its own tab in Brave, so obviously Brave seems very inspired by it, but it seems to make Malwarebytes very nervous.

I’ve been getting similar notifications from Kapersky

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