Brave's "Cypto Wallet" extension is just plain annoying

Why would you use a unique standard for the pneumonic phrases? This makes it impossible to use this feature to migrate to the proper Metamask extension. The “Crypto Wallet” breaks so much web3 connectivity functionality and sometimes after updates it just decides to disappear completely for awhile…it also unpins itself after EVERY update which isn’t a huge deal but is super annoying. I don’t really understand what the point of ever coming up with your own implementation VS just using the real Metamask was…but it was an objectively bad idea. I’d love to hear about other user’s experiences. Thank you for reading my blog post.

Try this…

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I’m aware of that functionality, thanks. Was more looking for the devs’ reasoning behind ever creating their own implementation in the first place and if others were on the same page. Just ranting really.

there’s a new extension in brave nightly

Neat, now I have to add all my custom RPCs back and assets.


You can go to brave://settings/wallet to custom add other EVM compatible networks or you can go to a site like for well known networks.

Given the time of your question this was using the old Crypto Wallets extension in Brave. We’ve since migrated to a new Wallet at brave://wallet and a new wallet icon in the toolbar. Please give it a try.

I used to click connect to connect metamask to games. Now, when I click connect, It either opens the page to move to brave wallet, or it won’t do anything… How to put everything like it was before?

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