Brave's customizability: how much customizing can one do?



Is Brave as limited in its customizability as I think? Namely, from what I can tell the only extensions available as those shown at about:preferences#extensions. Likewise from what I can tell there are no themes one can customize it with. I’ve tried going to the Chrome web store, in the hope that I could add themes and extensions from it (given that Brave is based on Chromium) but I can’t seem to. I’d love to learn I’m wrong and there are themes and extensions available for Brave so please do tell me if I am. As I’d like to install a Monokai-style theme similar to the default look of Sublime Text.

Thanks for your time,


Hi @fusion809,

Sadly yes. At this time Brave not fully customize-able and user can not install extension directly from Chrome webstore. But the team is working on it.



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