BraveAuto Play FIXED?

does anyone know if Brave Autoplay option has been fixed?
if not i suggest this coding fix.

the brave switch has two mutual condItions. with only one switch they cancel each other so the switch never changes from default setting Ever> TRY DEBUG
With Two necessary seperate functions the switch is actually never affected. Two conditions one flag. Both conditions exclude the other one.


Hello, person living 2 years in the past. I am writing you from the future to let you know that I believe it might have been fixed, as I have no clue what issue you are speaking of.

Yeah, Iā€™m lost. All I can tell you is that all Autoplay settings are at brave://settings/content/autoplay where you can toggle on or off. Then you also have the options to custom behaviors to either allow or block particular sites from autoplay.

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