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There has to be a brave sync with zero knowledge and end to end encryption. I don’t think any browsers out there offer that and any of them can open your profile and look at your information/passwords stored there.


Sync is available in Beta and Dev builds right now if you’d like to test it.
However, since it’s still early, we’re currently only Syncing bookmarks while we work out the flaws. At release, it should Sync all browsing data between devices on the chain.

Read more about Sync here:


I downloaded the beta for desktop but no iOS version sadly. So how does this sync exactly work? It reminds me of cryptocurrency how this system works. Is all the data in the cloud in a backup file and when it detects the paraphrase it downloads?


We actually have some basic documentation up for this already. See this design document for more detailed Sync information:


Thanks for the info here just not sure about the sync feature here in general. I see you are able to sync data securely which is great but what about backup in case I loose access to all my devices at one time? Is there something wrong with backup?

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