Brave x3dom support

I switched to Brave a couple of weeks ago
I was ordering some 3D printed models from
The site has a 3D viewer to display my uploaded model but
complains that my browser does not support x3dom

x3dom worked when I turned off shields

Thanks for the report, I’ve submitted a fix for the google signin (to be approved).

Any other issues on shapeways (with shields on?)?

Everything else seemed to work well before the x3dom issue. After I turned off the shilds I proceeded to Shapeways checkout with the shields off, IOW after I turned off shields I did not turn them back on, so I don’t know if there were any more issues

Take Care

@fanboynz, it’s a Device Recognition issue.
If you’re on the site, open the Shields panel (in the address bar) and make sure Shields = Up. Then, change the Device Recognition setting in the panel to Allow all Device recognition and allow the page to refresh. You should now be able to view the image/preview:

shields are up
Allow all Device recognition is set
works :slight_smile: