Brave working slow

Hi everyone how do I fix brave going slow I’ve been using brave for quite some time now and everything has been smooth and everything would load quick but as of recently it seems that everything is going slow I load a website and it takes a couple of seconds longer to load up like youtube its a second to load and once it does theres more laoding due to the thumbnails not being fully loaded it in yet. I also have a problem with clicking on images on google images it doesn’t click into the image for some reason

@Herox897 this might be a problem related to your local internet connection and speed, or maybe you forgot to turn off a VPN? Please check these and also your router hardware before checking for problems with Brave.

Which OS are you using?

Try to deactivate hardware acceleration in “Settings > System”


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Hello @Herox897, thanks for reaching us out. Additionally can you try the following setting:

brave://flags > Search 'Vulkan' > Disable Vulkan > Retest Hope it helps. Regards.

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