Brave won't start, shows up as "old_chrome" in Properties

After closing the browser, it would not re-open. It appeared in the Task Manager, ut I couldn’t stop it at the task manager either, but when reviewing the Properties, the process had the Brave badge but was called “old_chrome.”

It could not be stopped, permission denied. It could not be taskkilled.

However, I was able to rename it, accepting the warning that popped up. I just stripped the .exe from the end. After reboot everything was fine again.

I wonder if this was some kind of exploit rather than an official Brave file. I couldn’t find the renamed executable after I rebooted, so perhaps it was dynamically generated.

I think it was an update issue. If it were malware, as has been suggested elsewhere, it would not have been so easy to defeat, nor would it have used the Brave badge.

If I solved the problem in a bad way (renaming the “old_chrome.exe” file, please let me know. If there is no more firm solution, feel free to close the topic.

Hello @chakaal

for why it keep running even after you close it
maybe that setting the reason go to setting then additional settings then system
check this
Continue running background apps when Brave is closed if it enabled or not

why it did not close from task manager that i can not guess but could os issue

but the wierdest thing that the proccess should be named brave not old chrome or chrome

try to check the file you renamed in this site

it has many antivirus engine

i hope it was a little issue and your restart fix it

hope that help and have a nice day

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