Brave won't start after Nov 2019 Windows update

After the Nov 2019 Windows 10 Update, Brave browser does not start. After rebooting the system it works the first time you open the browser as it normally does. The issue comes when the browser is closed. Then it won’t start again.
Chrome is working fine but they had an update. Perhaps, Brave hasn’t made updates affected by the Windows update.

I’ve checked to see if there were any Braves updates but it saying it is on the latest version.


I have the same issue. Just started yesterday after the update. Chrome works fine but I was beginning to like Brave.

I just paused PC matic and it allowed Brave to load again. All fixed, I hope.

We are finding that Windows Defender Firewall is blocking updates. It tries to update Brave but it is being blocked. I can stop Windows Defender Firewall in the configuration and even stop Windows Defender at the registry level, but the Windows Defender Firewall service still running. We are trying to figure out what happened during this latest round of Windows updates that all the sudden is affecting updates.

Hey LizardMan, have you tried adding an exception for Brave within Windows Defender?

Here’s an FAQ I found:

Brave is not working for me in any platform. Chrome will download it but the screen comes up Oh snap. Any fixes yet?

We finally gave up as it was affecting other apps from updating or installing. We restored the laptop. All Window updates are in place and new version of Brave is installed. Other browsers are installed and working properly.

Apologies but I’m confused – are you saying that after reinstalling, the browser works as intended?

Sorry for not being clear. I restored Windows. Then installed Brave and the other browsers. It is all working fine.

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