Brave won't re-install on Windows 10 - build 19042

Brave won’t reinstall on Windows 10.

  1. Completed removal as per Add/Remove programs because Brave won’t update.
  2. Completed all Windows updates necessary.
  3. Removed other Brave folders from Regedit & other system directories as outlined.
  4. Did fresh download & attempted reinstall with same error.

Error: Please install all updates via Windows Update.

Please assist, thank you.

Hi @fvnk, Welcome to Community!

Can you try installing Brave using the standalone installer?
Go to:

There you will find releases for all the build channels, ie. Release, Beta, Nightly

If you’re downloading Brave Release, look for the most recent version, it should be labelled something similar to Release v1.xx.xx
(The same goes for Nightly and Beta - e.g. Nightly v1.xx.xx)

When you find the version you want, look for BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe under Assets and then download and install.

Hi Aa-ron, thank you for your assistance.

I downloaded & attempted to install the standalone setup but unfortunately got the same error message about a Windows Update needed.

All possible updates are installed.

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