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Hello. I am using a Win 7 64 bit system. When I try to launch brave from a desktop icon, the display screen turns white (as if Brave was starting), but then it disappears and nothing else happens.

The only way that I can get Brave to run is by downloading the software again. When I download and run Brave it starts normally, and it returns me to my previously viewed tabs. However, as soon as I close Brave and try to reopen it via an icon, it will not launch and it repeats the above symptoms.

I have tried this without first uninstalling Brave, and also after first uninstalling Brave. It makes no difference. I have uninstalled and reinstalled brave a dozen or more times over the last 2 weeks with no change.




Mike - I am in the same boat. Since the last upgrade I have not been able to use Brave on a win 7 64 bit system. I did a complete purge inclyuding all my Brave data and still no luck.


I am also getting a white screen, but it doesn’t force the application to shut down.


Have you installed the beta version of 13.0? I did so just a few days ago,
and that did solve my problem.



The latest beta build appears to crash the browser immediately, before the window even has a chance to open.

Brave actually used to work on my machine, it must have been an older version that isn’t available as a binary anymore.


The startup issue on Windows 7 has been addressed and will be fixed in the next release.

Browser window disappears at launch after latest update



Will you copy and page info on About Brave page?

You can open it via Help -> About Brave from the kabob (3 dots) menu.



I can’t access the UI because the entire screen is blank.

The latest build doesn’t make it crash anymore, just back to being an idle white screen.

Windows 7, AMD card.


Thanks for the info. That seems to be a known compatibility issue between an AMD card and the browser. I forwarded the issue to the team here:



The problem persists even with the custom launch parameters.

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