Brave won't launch (JavaScript error)


I get the following message when I try to open Brave.


Normally I would just reinstall or something but I’m afraid to lose my BAT. Is it safe to do so?



Hi @Jmc3

Try this first:
Close all instances of Brave.
Navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming and rename the brave folder to brave-profile1
Launch Brave normally

Let me know if you still have the error. Since you renamed your profile in the second step, your BAT will not be lost. I’m just having you try launching Brave with a clean profile.



Hi @LaurenWags ,

Thanks for the suggestion. I did try this and got the same error:

Any thoughts on that?



Hm, before I offer any other suggestions, @sriram have you seen this error on Win before?



Nope not seen this error on Windows


Thanks for taking a look @sriram

@Jmc3, let’s try this:

Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall Brave (Start > Run > appwiz.cpl)
Go to “%userprofile%\AppData\Local” and rename the “brave” folder to brave-error (Start > Run > paste path)
Go to “%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming” and delete the “brave” folder (Start > Run > paste path) *do not delete your brave-profile1 folder
Delete all copies of installers (probably in Downloads folder)
Delete shortcut from desktop + taskbar
Restart computer
Re-download the latest Brave installer from
Run the installer
App should open up at the end. Close it
Launch from desktop shortcut

This is having you do a fresh install with a fresh profile (we did a new release today). Let me know if you still have the error after trying this.



Thank you. I think I went out of order in your instructions and it took awhile to get a fresh Brave installation on my machine. The BAT did not automatically show up, but luckily I had Brave wallet recovery key and I was able to get my BAT back that way.


Thanks for reporting back @Jmc3!


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