Brave won't expand beyond the taskbar


I’m using Brave with Windows 10 Home. The icon shows on my desktop, and it is pinned on my taskbar. However, it will not open / expand beyond the taskbar. If I hover over it, I see that there are “open” tabs, but I can never get beyond the preview to an actual browser.

I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it three times, and the same thing keeps happening.

I am not having any other issues with any other programs. My updater ran recently so everything is current. I can’t provide any other information about the version of Brave that I’m using because I can’t open the program.

I did also try a restoring a previous version that dated back to August, but that didn’t work either.


I have the same problem on my laptop. I can see from the animation that the brave window expands/maximizes to the left of my screen. I guess it has to to with the fact that normally I have an external monitor connected to my laptop which is located to the right of my laptop. The external display is set as primary display. Probably the last time I shut down my laptop, brave was opened on the laptop monitor. Now it seems that it expands to a screen to the left of my primary display (the one of the laptop), although that screen doesn’t exist right now. I am not at home at the moment, so I cannot connect an external monitor. I have not yet found any way to let the icon expand to my laptop screen, even reinstalling did not help. Any ideas?


Well now the program won’t open at all for me (not that it opened before, but even the preview won’t open). Another uninstall and reinstall and nothing. Very sad.