Brave Won't Allow Ebay to open


When I first installed Brave a couple of weeks ago, I could get to Ebay without an issue. Suddenly, this week if I try, I get a warning message that Brave detected too many redirects and will not allow me to go to the site.

I’m running Windows 64 bit and have had no problem with Pale Moon or Firefox. I also run Brave on my Android phone and have no issue.

I’ve looked to see if there is a setting to white list sites, but if there is, I’m missing it.



Brave will not allow me to access Ebay

did you try this?


I have the same problem and I have tried all of the things listed, including ‘shields down’ but still can’t access eBay.
eBay was the main reason I tried Brave because all the ads made it very slow in IE or Chrome. Brave worked a treat for a while but now I can’t load eBay at all. Having been forced back to IE I now find eBay works OK there now, so I have no pressing need to get Brave working. I have spent a while trying to get it to work - updating, re-installing etc and nothing has worked. Now that IE is working OK again I’m not going to try anything else at the moment as all I was trying to do was speed things up and save time, and this is of course costing a lot more time than I saved! However, thought you should be aware of the problem. Any issues with IE or Chrome in future and I will come back and try Brave again.