Brave wont add new websites to site list and display (you haven't accrued 30min...)



I have a problem with Brave.
I’m trying to support few people but Brave wont add new one to sites list. I’m browsing, watching and nothing. Only remember two I added at a very beginning.
I have new updates everything but still wont work.

Still displaying this notification:
“You haven’t accrued 30 minutes of browser activity yet so we pushed back the settlement date to give you more time.”

I’ve been using it a lot. I have this issue for month and nothing help. Even new updates. Also this push contribution date. Even if that should be done few days ago, or weeks ago always is pushed.

Will be happy if could you help me what’s wrong.

I’m using it on Windows 10 and on desktop PC.


Hi @TCplayer

I’ve responded to your DM and looped in @Mattches as well.

Once we’ve identified the resolution (or at the very least, the issue), I’ll post it here for others to find as well.



Hi Lauren,

Thank you. I just send you everything you asked me about.
Hope this can be fixed.



Just to explain what happened in this case for anyone else who may come across this issue, there were a couple of factors at play:

First, the sites not being added to the table: Sites were not added to the table because ‘Allow contributions to non-verified sites’ was set to off (the toggle was gray). To check this, open the Payments page and click on the gear icon. If you switch this to on (so the toggle is orange), you will start to see other (non-verified) sites appear in the list.

Second, the 30 minutes of browsing activity message: Since the sites the weren’t being added to the list due to a setting, if you count up the amount of time for the sites on your table it will be less than 30 minutes. So while there may be hours of browsing activity, the sites you were visiting were not being added to your table and that’s where we count the 30 minutes. If you continue to browse normally these sites will now be added and you will achieve the 30 minutes of browsing time.

If anyone still has questions please feel free to open a new thread.


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