Brave won’t open after the update to iOS 17.2 on iPad Pro

I updated my iPad Pro to iOS 17.2 and now Brave won’t open when I click on the icon, it just crashes.

Can you check if the public beta does not open for you as well?


If I click on the link in the email (, it fails to open just the same.

I copied the link to Safari, downloaded TestFlight and tried to start the beta, but it is asking for an invitation code.

You’re skipping Step 2. That link has the code

Click on Start Testing and it opens up to below:

You hit Accept and then Install

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Ok, the beta version works.


It is great that I can use the beta version but, is it going to be a fix for the issue that I’m having with the regular version of Brave after the 17.2 upgrade?
The problem is that I don’t have my favorites and the bookmarks in the beta version.


@JaySan14 getting information like that is something that helps narrow down possible issues and can help them to look at corrections.

I am using iOS on my iPhone and it has had no issues since I updated to 17.2. The same can be said for many other users. I’m sure they are looking to see if it’s related to iPad or what’s going on. Regardless, for the Beta to work means that whatever issue you’re experiencing now will likely be fixed in next update for Brave.

If they identify an issue and can fix it, they may push out a quick update to patch it. Otherwise, I’m not quite sure how long until they release the next update on the App Store.

Guess will have to see what @michal can tell you to do for the next step here.

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