Brave with iCloud Calendar Shields Down

Description: Brave logged into iCloud Calendar with Shields down cannot properly create, edit or delete iCloud Calendar events.

In the month view, you can’t click on a day with your cursor and create an event - like Safari can
Additionally, If you click on the Plus sign in the lower right in iCloud Calendar as an alternate way to create events- it creates multiple blank events that can’t be deleted.

I’m using the most recent version of Brave to date: Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’m a heavy user of iCloud through the web (used at work). It would be great to resolve this issue. Brave is excellent!

That’s strange. I’m able to use Calendar without issue:
I was able to click (it’s actually a double-click) and use the + symbol to create events.
Are you on MacOS?

Your post made me check on my 15’ laptop. It works fine like you’re experiencing. My iMac is where the issue it. Both are running Mojave.

Looks like I should reinstall Brave on my iMac and try again.

Thanks for the input.

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Some additional information:

When I went to remove & reinstall the Brave app from Mojave I found it in the folder of another application - strange. When I reinstalled the app I searched and found it in the Pictures folder. I dragged it back to Applications and launched.

Here’s some additional information: I use a Wacom tablet. The Calendar function worked when I mouse click or use the trackpad - but not on a Wacom click. I’ve experienced other anomalies when using the Wacom (such as being unable to drag a highlight in Pages).

The Wacom may be responsible for several anomalies. At least now I can use iCloud with Brave - an excellent browser.

Thank you for the kind words!
I think you’re correct that it’s likely a Wacom issue, especially if Shields are down. But I’ll be sure to notify you if I find out anything that may suggest otherwise.

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