Brave with Devolo 1200+ powerline adapter

I have a strange problem with your Browser and my Devolo 1200+ powerline adapter. When i install Brave my max download speed drops to 12Mbit/sec, after removing Brave everything is back to normal (±295Mbit/sec/ 20 up). When i use a long cable to connect my Pc directly to my router everything is at max speed with Brave installed.
My system,
-Win 10 Pro 64 bit
-Devolo 1200+ homeplug with latest firmware
-Brave latest version
-speedtest done on different browser including Chrome, Edge and IE (same results on all browsers)
-Download of large files, same slow speed on all different browsers, so nothing to do about the speedtests websites.
-Did remove and instal Brave 3 times with the same results --> with=slow internet, without=fast internet on differend browsers and dowloading.
I removed brave so everything is ok now but i wanted to use Brave because i am happy about it at work and on my android tablet so i am hoping to find out what is wrong here…
Thanks for your answers,
Sven Kemp

I’ve used a power line a adapter (Specifically a TP-Link TL-WPA8630P, a “1300Mbps” device) a few months back.

I was barely getting 1/5’th the advertised speed, the speeds were all over the place (running a speedtest would give me different results). Speeds will depend on the internal wiring and the distance, even if you are right beside an power outlet the internal wiring could see inconsistent speeds.

Unless there is other devices on the network using data. The speeds on (any) powerline adabter won’t be affected by the browser/which browser you’re using.

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