Brave windows Playing full screen video disappears in windows multitask

Description of the issue:
When i play a video on full screen on one window of brave and switch to another window, chances are that the window playing the video hangs and i will need to manually go into the Windows Task View(Win+Tab) and reactivate that tab. This is NOT a rare issue and happens almost EVERYTIME.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Open 2 different windows of Brave.
2. In one of the windows play FULLSCREEN video.
3.Now switch to the other window.
4. After a while try switching to the window playing the video using (Alt+Tab).

Expected result:
All the tabs must fluidly switch with the keystrokes as this is going to save a lot of time and hassle.
Brave Version( check About Brave ):
Additional Information:
Issue occurs in Windows 10(latest release)

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could you disable all extension and try in private mode
if it work then the issue eitther with one of your extension or you need to clear your cache/cookies

if that did not work go to brave://settings/system and disable Use hardware acceleration when available

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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i’m sorry but this didn’t work. even the private window disappears from the windo switcher. The following image is a pic of my task switcher. The window playing the video turns black and i can’t access it using Alt + Tab unless i manually go here and click on it.

let me ask @Mattches from the team to help you with that and have a nice day both of you

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Thank you so much. It wud be really helpful if you cud notify me when the solution is found as a reply to this post.

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Can you tell me (roughly) how long you wait before switching back to the tab playing the video? I can’t seem to reproduce this on either Windows or macOS systems. Additionally, can you go to Menu --> About Brave and initialize the update process – the latest version of the browser is v1.23.75 at the time of writing this.


Yes @Mattches . The issue is fixed with the update to v1.23.75 ig. Been using it for half a day and didn’t face that issue yet. Thank you so much for your help.


You’re very welcome.

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umm @Mattches . Sorry but the issue is still persisting. It has reduced in frequency though. But still playing videos in full screen sometimes hides the window until i go to the task view and click on it. It is not accessible through Alt+Tab keystroke.

Thank you for letting me know.
So to confirm, in this situation, is the video being played in fullscreen mode, or is the browser itself in full screen mode? Also do you have any extensions installed at this time?

Yes @Mattches . The browser is in fullscreen mode and so is the video.This issue arises only if the Video is in fullscreen mode. Then if i switch windows and then try to again switch back using alt+tab keystroke, then the video window doesn’t come back. Then i need to go to the Task view (win+tab) and i see the situation as in the pic i sent a few messages before. Also i have a few extentions but i’ve tried it with all of them turned off with no luck.

Does it make any difference if you have the browser itself not in full screen mode?

@Mattches yes I have tried that. But when the video goes full screen the window disappears. So the problem is with the video only ig. Say could it be an issue with any of my PC settings? Cause I tried this on another laptop and it didn’t happen as far as I know .

Do you have another browser you can test? For example, if you have Edge or Chrome (or any other Chromium based browser), can you test and see if the behavior is the same thre?

Yes @Mattches . Been using Chrome for last 2 years on same machine and never had this problem. Started only with brave. Cud it be an issue with any settings on my PC? any permissions I didn’t give to brave?

Would you be willing to download the Beta version of the browser and test to see if you get the same results? Note that installing and running the Beta should have no effect on your current Brave installation – they will be treated as separate browsers entirely.

plus what @Mattches said there was update released today so check if that new update fix it or not also

and have a nice day both of you

@Mattches @justsomeone1 I tried both your suggestions. On the positive side, as far as i tested it the frequency of this issue has greatly decreased than before. By which i mean if it disappears the window comes back into the task view quickly. But it still disappears almost everytime.


This is what you’re seeing on Beta, your’e saying?

@Mattches both of them. But idk if its just me but i feel in beta its happening a little more frequently