Brave window misalignment overlapping when maximized

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, up to date
In the first created, default account all is fine.
In the second created account which features less rights than the first one, it belongs to fewer groups, maximizing Brave using alt+blank > maximize makes it exceed three screen borders and the border of the panel at the top.
It used to exceed the border of the panel at the top when I clicked the top right maximize button, too, but this corrected itself, probably as a result of an update.
When it is maximized the right way, using the top right maximization button, all videos from sites other than YouTube have their bottom line controls misaligned in full screen mode. The controls look fine, but the mouse must point a bit above them to work effectively, and if I click on them, I get to the window behind Brave.
No other application shows a similar bug.
The browser is up to date, but it showed this bug for a long time, but not from the beginning.
I removed and reinstalled Brave, but nothing changed.

I’d like to mention the add bookmark overlay window story.
I lost many bookmarks before I realized that escape removes the bookmark instead of leaving it unchanged, as it is normal.
Recently escape began to function like enter and to save changes in the overlay bookmark window.
This is also wrong, it happens that I edit a bookmark by mistake and I want to be able to leave it unchanged.
I wonder what could be the reasoning of the person who decided to go against the long established practice of escape key to change nothing.

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