Brave (Win10-64 Pro) ceases to load, reinstalling does not fix



Brave (Win10-64 Pro) ceases to load, reinstalling does not fix.
Approx. 2017-09-13 2140hrs
I have had Brave installed for a couple of months and use it periodically -
maybe once a week. I don’t want to migrate to using it as my main browser until it is out of its current development phase.

Brave has ceased to load properly. It briefly starts to load, sets up several Brave.exe processes, then they all simulataneously crash, except for one - which is always unresponsive and not using any CPU resource.
Before all the processes crash collectively, there is a blank white screen for a few seconds, as though Brave is trying to display its window, but that blinks out.
There are no error messages.

I have reinstalled Brave (twice) using the most current version, but the result is no different to the above, on starting up the newly-installed Brave version.
Running cleanmgr.exe doesn’t help.
Running sfc /scannow and then Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth doesn’t help either (shows no system errors).

Am at a loss to understand what could be causing this.
Any ideas would be gratefully received.

I have found that when Brave crashes, it generates a .txt (log) file and a .dmp (dump) file in a file called “Brave Developers Crashes”.
I can provide copies of these if they will be of any use.


Similar problem here. Win 10-64 pro, on Surface Pro 3. Brave window never appears, but taskbar icon is right-click responsive, and - when hovering, I can see Brave running in preview window. However, I can never get this window to focus.


mind trying this solution?

please remember that you will lose all your data(bookmarks, Brave wallet, etc.) with that. thanks!


Windows10 blows donkeys, in other words…I hate it. Did any of these above issues start after an update?