Brave will not start after 5/21/18 Win 10 Update


Ran Brave just fine this morning, 5/21/18. Then Windows Update is installed. Brave now refuses to start. At all.

Windows informs me a major update needs to be installed. I install it and eventually the computer restarts.

Log in. Click on Brave shortcut in menu bar. Nothing.

Double click on Brave desktop shortcut. Nothing.

Search for Brave and try to start app. Nothing.

Edge starts. Firefox starts. Brave is as if it’s been uninstalled.

Note: I’m posting this using Firefox.


For some inexplicable reason, several hours after installing the April 2018 Win 10 update, Brave started. All my bookmarks were there. It’s now functioning as before.

Didn’t really do anything but wait, although I did run the Brave installer under my Admin Account. But that install did not have my bookmarks.

All seems well. Don’t know why.


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