Brave will not let me make it the default browser

Been using Brave for several years. I also use Mozilla Firefox now and then. Last week When I started Firefox I accidentally hit make default. Then later when I closed Firefox and opened Brave I tried to make it the default again and it will not allow that? I tried everything I know except reset settings has I don’t want to lose anything. Any of my saved links and passwords as there are a lot of them.

Any suggestions

Which OS??

On android there is a recent bug "Set as default browser" button bug - #3 by Mattches

It is an old Dell PC Tower running windows 7 Pro. I keep it because of legacy software that would be super expensive to replace today. I have other PC’s with windows 10


Check the two settings I have proposed to make brave as default, in the link below.

Let me know what’s the result.

You can use the system defaults to handle this: