Brave will not launch despite fresh install

Description of the issue: Brave browser will not launch, despite a fresh install.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install brave
  2. Shut down computer after setting up brave
  3. Launch brave

What happens, if you’re unlucky, is a white sheet appears for a brief seconds, before disappearing.

Additional info:
Yesterday I made the switch from Dissenter, an old brave fork made by Gab, to Brave. It took time but I was able to transfer all my userdata and settings over. I shut down my PC for the night. Today, I launch brave, and it shuts down immediately after launching. I have tried:

  1. launching brave normally
  2. launching in admin mode
  3. launching with antivirus disabled
  4. launching after adding " --disable-gpu" to the shortcut
  5. launching after adding " --incognito-" to the shortcut
  6. launching following techniques 3 and 4
  7. launching following techniques 3 and 5
  8. Shutting down my pc, then following all the previous 7 techniques
  9. Uninstalling and reinstalling brave, then following each of the previous 8 techniques.
  10. Repeating step 9 inside of a virtual machine of windows 10.

I have absolutely no Idea where to go from here. My PC is on the most recent edition of Windows 10.

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