Brave will not install because it already running. This is a new computer and Brave has not been loaded yet

I have a dell 3650 with Win 10. I copied overs users data from older computer to a new one. When i go to install brave it says that it is already running. I can’t uninstall it because there is no ICON in program or features and I HAVE NOT installed it yet. There must be files that need deleted but I can not find them all. I deleted bravesoftware out of %appdata%. That was all I could find. Please advise ASAP. Thanks.

You could try using Revo Uninstaller, a free uninstaller program.



First step
Install the freeware Wise Jetsearch and look for Brave in C. delete the Brave files, you may need to stop them in Task Manager. Install Brave

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Try running…

powershell -command "Get-Process brave | ForEach-Object { $_.CloseMainWindow() | Out-Null}"


taskkill /im brave* /t

before the installation.

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%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\

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