Brave will not download

I suggested Brave to a friend. He has tried several times to install it. However, it will not download. No error messages, simply will not download!

I think it is because of the limited resources available in his computer:

Intel Celeron CPU N3060
Installed RAM 4.0 (3.5 useable)
System type 64bit operating system

Any ideas on how he can get it installed?

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Hi, it could also be a server problem.
I can’t find any system requirements for Brave that are not simply “Windows 7 or higher” etc. anywhere. That a browser consumes a lot of resources seems strange to me.

Try the offline installer (Standalone):

Have a nice day.

Thanks @MediaBird, much appreciated.

I find it strange also. My friend is not at all technical (it took many messages back and forth for me to explain where to get the specs of his machine).

I don’t know GitHub. Is this the correct installer for a 64bit Windows 10 machine:

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Yes, that is the correct install to download. However, he should be able to pull this from our download page as well.

You mention

Can I ask what happens then? After going to our download page and clicking the download link, what happens next?

Thanks for confirming the file to use @Mattches, very much appreciated!

Jim says there are no error messages, it simply doesn’t download. As mentioned before, he is not very technical so trying to get anything other than basic info out of him is difficult…

Do you have any other ideas?

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Well I’d like to get an understanding of whats happening on his end. It could be his Anti-virus software (if he has any installed) blocking the download.

So after clicking the download link - literally nothing happens? He remains on the page and no download initiates? Or does it take him to the “thank you” page (which generally happens once you’ve started the download process)? I’m trying to confirm whether or not its an issue with our website or if it’s on your friends end.

We both use AVG Internet Security @Mattches. I have had absolutely no problem installing Brave. However, my desktop is a Win10 machine with an i3 processor and 12 GB of RAM and my laptop an i7 with 16 GB of RAM while Jim’s computer has an Intel Celeron N3060 CPU and only 3.5 GB of useable RAM.

I can use my remote control software when we are both available and do a video if that will be helpful…



That actually would be helpful, if you don’t mind.
Your friends system should meet the requirements for Brave

Not a problem @Mattches.

Re “Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable”: I’m not sure what that means, does his Celeron N3060 meet the specs?


Yes, this does meet the criteria. SSE2 stands for Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 - an Intel instruction set for processors.

OK @Mattches, here are my notes:

  1. Jim uses WiFi.
  2. The Brave setup save file dialog doesn’t open at all, even after I turned off his AVG Internet Security web protection.
  3. I pasted the GitHub URL @MediaBird gave me into his Chrome and was able to start the download.
  4. It was going to take 30 minutes to download and Jim asked me if he could watch a movie. I said yes and told him where to find the file and what to do when the download was over.
  5. I have a 10 MB / 15 minutes MP4 if you want to review. If so, tell me how to get it to you.



That’s a bit lengthy. I was just hoping to see what happened when your friend - Jim - attempted to download Brave and (if it was downloaded) what happens when he attempts to install. I assume the file is still downloading? Also, 30 minutes is a pretty long time for a download - is he using a vpn service?

Thanks @mattches. The GitHub download did complete. At the end, he was able to install Brave from the BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe file that he saved locally.

However, he told me this morning that, when he chose to import bookmarks, he told me “the screen went away”.

Further questioning revealed that he has a Brave icon in his Start menu but he cannot open Brave. I asked him to uninstall it and said that I would ask you for ideas.

It’s strange because he has Chrome installed, so a Chromium based browser like Brave should work w/o all of these problems…

As to VPN, he has turned off the AVG VPN option: his Netflix didn’t work and AVG Support said that several streaming services don’t work with VPN services on…

What happens when it “goes away”? Does this mean he clicks the Brave shortcut icon, Brave launches but then goes away as if closed?

When Jim said “it goes away” @Mattches, it was during the install of Brave after he chose to import bookmarks: Brave disappeared at that point!

I asked him what happens when he tries to start Brave now, he wrote this:

Nothing. A little circle at my cursor goes around and around for a few minutes, then “Google Chrome Store” opens in a new panel or browser window.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much for all your help with this!


Well that is certainly quite strange.
I’m not sure entirely what’s going on here, but I’m pretty interested/invested in the mystery.
Is there any way your friend might be willing to take a short screen recording of the issue he’s encountering so I can get a better idea of what may be happening?

I’m also interested in seeing where his Brave data is stored. Tell him to try the following:

  1. If he’s willing, take a short recording of what happens when he attempts to launch Brave. Check out our Community Resources for some free/easy to use screen capture software.
  2. Additionally, I’d like to confirm the location of Brave on his machine. For Windows, he should find Brave files in:
    If he can navigate to this path and share a screenshot (or he can list them off - either way) of what content/directories he sees here that would be useful.

The last thing I have in mind would be to disable hardware acceleration by altering the Brave shortcut path on his machine. I know you said he’s not particularly “savvy”, but I think if he (or you) view this reply I made here regarding this process, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

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