Brave will not display browser after update


MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Cannot see version because the browser screen will not display.

Brave has been installed for six months. Got a notification while browsing in Brave that a new version was available. Selected Update. Update seemed to complete fine.

Said it would require a restart of the browser. Browser disappeared, then the icons appeared on the task bar.

But the screen never reappeared. The icons (3) show the titles of the screens I was on when I did the update. When I click on the icons, they highlight as expected, but the browser screen never appears.

Restarted windows to no effect.

Re-downloaded and installed Brave. (the installer is 0.20.29) Still does not show browser screen.

Running Chrome to enter this.

Any ideas as to what went wrong with the update or how to fix the problem so Brave will display?


Hi @rayward

Do you mind renaming the brave folder under %appdata% and then launch the browser again and see if it works?


Similar issue, using MS Windows 7. Updated on 1/31 when the browser indicated an update was available. After restarting no pages will load and each pinned tab is returning a blank page which the tab reads out as an error. Attempted the rename of %appdata% as suggested above and the issue persists.

Brave has become totally unusable and Chrome is being used as default browser. Please advise.



I think you might be facing this issue:



Thank you for the reply. Below sums this up:

“I am really trying to use Brave as my default browser, but this is one of those show stopper issues that kills it.”


Is there an estimated time for a solution to this problem? Should the time investment to bring Chrome up to speed be spent?


Hi @Rook

We are looking at it but are facing some difficulties without knowing details about the proxy (which most users can’t share as they are on corporate networks) - as requested in the issue logged. More details can be found on the logged issue - if you are able to supply any details for troubleshooting that is appreciated.



Thank you, again, for the reply. I will monitor this thread for news of a fix - as pointed out in the link above this bug kills the browser update as the check uses proxy and fails.


Hi. I had this problem today after a reboot. Brave wouldn’t launch at all. After reading through all this, including the proxy issues, I reinstalled from my original download from August 2017. I’m back to v 0.18.14, which launches fine, but the dashboard only has a Twitter shortcut, which was happening before it stopped launching. While many of my preferences were saved, none of my bookmarks are.
I spent a great deal of time customizing Brave only to see it all erased. Prior to my version roll back, I didn’t see any solutions to this issue, which as others have said, is a deal breaker. While I have enjoyed the features Brave provides, unless someone can provide a link to a version that’s stable, I’ll move back to Chrome or Firefox. :unamused:


As I went back into Brave, I saw the update notice. On a whim, I updated. The dashboard seems to be returned, and it launched correctly after I closed it. Maybe this is a good sign. :wink:


Aaaaand here we go again. Just after I got all my bookmarks reset, dashboard looking good . . . Brave stops launching. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I quit.


Hi @JuliaC

I’m sorry for the difficulties you are encountering. What is your OS and version?



Windows 7 Home Premium. After I posted last, I waited a while, then tried to launch Brave again. It worked then and is working okay now. I appreciate your response. I was somewhat frustrated with trouble-shooting this and trying to find a solution.


Understandably so @JuliaC - this sort of thing is always tough. Going to close this thread as it is currently working for you, but please open a new one if you face difficulties again.


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