Brave will not deposit BAT into my Uphold wallet. Months now

I now have 46.2 BAT on my ios brave browser app, which atm is worth $10+ USD. I verified both my desktop and my ios app with uphold early on. My ios app has never deposited into my my uphold account, and of course you’ve so kindly left no way to find the seed or pk of whatever address is holding the bat. My desktop is pretty consistent in depositing the bat as far as I know. Why can’t I just have access to my BAT address??? I never even wanted to use uphold in the first place. Also, why bother to wait every month to deposit BAT into an account, when we don’t have access to it anyway? It’s not like you need to wait to verify the earning amount before you give it to a wallet that only you have access to anyway. Then you continue to wait another month before actually depositing it into a wallet, which technically they still don’t own bc uphold keeps the keys, but they can have enough control over to put into their actual account at upholds outrageous fee. But then that is still dependent on brave actually depositing the amount to uphold if it ever does. Which is also dependent on the who-knows-how-many other unnecessary processes that may or may not work. And, if for some reason they don’t, then we have no way to troubleshoot it, we’re usually just told that the team is working on it… and will continue to work on it for the rest of our lives or until Brave goes bankrupt or something. It seems that with brave if something isn’t working, then it’s not going to work. But you can always count on them to randomly switch integrating google chrome as their “privacy browser’s” layout, I guess. I don’t care how much you’ve done to “keep google from accessing our data”. There is no possible way you can truly think that you can modify google chrome to secure privacy, when google could potentially have enough power to go and overthrow a 2nd world country, and you have some team of people to secure it, which can’t seem to figure out how to make their sync or rewards features work for more than a year now.

Because wallet verification is not available for mobile. Only for desktop.

All BAT you earned on mobile will be depositing to your in-browser wallet (BAT triangle icon at URL bar).

How do I send from my in browser wallet?

You can’t. For now. :point_up:

Once the wallet verification available on mobile, you’ll be able to connect your mobile wallet with Uphold. Same like what you did with desktop version.

And again :point_up:
Also do note, if you reinstall Brave on mobile, you may lost your Rewards data too.

When I first downloaded the app on iOS, there was an option to verify, and I did. Why was it removed? You say when it becomes available, but it already was before recent updates.

As far as I’m aware of, wallet verification is not available on mobile.

I’m not using iOS. So let me cc @asad @steeven @Mattches for confirmation.

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@eljuno tipping from iOS to one of my contributors channel is considered as self tipping?
If so, there’s no other option to withdraw tokens earned with my attention ?

@pleone yes. The only thing that I can suggest is to wait until wallet verification support is available for mobile.

Well that’s disappointing :frowning:
I mean, it should be at least clear to users BEFORE using brave and not after :confused: I found it now, after using brave as my primary browser on my devices since long time.
Is the wallet verification (android and ios) on the roadmap yet?

Time to switch back to Opera then :smiley:

So who do we have that is able to give an idea of when this will be available? If I switch from MacOS to iPad OS as my primary means of browsing (as I will soon need a new device), I’m not going to be able to access my BAT. Progress updates would be very nice.

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