Brave Will Not Clear Cashed Data For Specific Website

I use Brave on a Windows 11 Pro PC. I also manage a website. Whenever I update anything on my website, Brave refuses to show the updated page, but rather continues to show the cashed or old site data.

I have in the past, cleared EVERYTHING and sometimes it works. But I use this browser for other work and it is annoying to have to clear EVERYTHING just to update one web page…

I have followed how to clear data for a specific site, but it does not work. What might I be doing wrong?

PS: I have several other browsers, so I might test my site changes in each. All the others seem to more easily clear the data and show the updated page(s). Brave will not…

Ctrl+Shift+F5 should reload the page bypassing the cache.

Thanks Mythical5th, but that does nothing on my machine. No response…

Sorry, I got confused. F5 is the equivalent of Ctrl+R, and if you add Shift then it will ignore the cache. So you need either Ctrl+Shift+R or Shift+F5.

Thanks Mythical5th, that did the trick!

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