Brave (white screen) takes 3 minutes to render an existing tab

Sometimes Brave tabs are showing just a white screen and no content…

It takes a few minutes for the content to load. The wifi is normal speed, around 40 Mbps.

Hi @cjroe,

Thanks for reporting. That’s bizarre. A few q’s:

Have you tried toggling off hardware acceleration?
What OS and Brave version is this on?
Are there certain sites that load white? Or is it more at random?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, I’ve tried turning off HA. That’s not working.

I’m on Mac OS 10.14.4 and Brave 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)

But I can tell you versions don’t really matter because this is an infrastructure problem that has happened on on every Macbook I’ve ever owned that has 16 GB of RAM. The browsers are throttling most of the RAM usage and it slows the computer performance.

On a clean restart of a browser, it will load each tab on refresh. Then over time as more tabs become opened the performance will slowly degrade and it will become unusable to the point of restart or eventually crash.

This should not be the case. It’s not a good user experience to self-manage the tabs I have open. I’m not going to remember opening 50 vs 123. I just won’t be looking at the amount of tabs every minute during a session and I doubt 99% of anyone would want to do that to keep good performance.

Performance is a feature and it needs to be built in to the browser. Meaning whatever that browser needs to do to maintain performance - it needs to be doing that.

A few potential solutions:

  • Remove tab architecture entirely.

  • Make it so that the memory doesn’t leak through tabs after they are not being used (chrome tried to do this, but to be honest… I don’t like refreshing inactive tabs either. I think it needs to keep the state of the tab in place while simultaneously pausing the memory usage. It should pick up quickly when I go back to that tab without the bottlenecks of huge tab usage and browser sessions.

Hi @cjroe,

Thanks for providing thoughtful feedback. I will pass this along to the team.

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