Brave website not accessible in Pakistan and download page is not accessible in Pakistan. Rewards used to work for me but I am not able to claim them anymore. It just keeps spinning and then goes away silently.

@mattches could help

When you attempt to visit, where are you directed to?

Well I simply get error, this site is not accessible, connection reset. I have tried different browsers, different net providers but same result.

For some reason works fine but top level domain does not. I really want my rewards to work. I don’t know if rewards are not working because of same issue or its something different.


Any help? Its really frustrating not being able to use the browser to its full potential.

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Hello, @leadfoot.

My apologies for the lack of response here, but I was investigating this issue today and I think there may be a large ISP/Nation level block on for users in Pakistan. I recently saw users on Twitter mentioning similar issues when trying to access our domain(s). You could try a Private Window with Tor to confirm (Alt+Shift+N in Brave on Windows). From what I hear, that should work.

Unfortunately this means you may need to use a VPN to access necessary brave endpoints. Many of our sub-resources, for browser operations, are served from * properties. This could mean that, although you’re able to use Brave, many of the internal components are prevented from working as designed. A VPN should resolve this, by patching your requests through another country/region.

I hope this helps,


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Does anybody know more about this? What is the government agency or department involved?