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I installed the browser on March 30, 2019 and there are no BAT. tokens rewards. I use it every day. The default browser.
Why don’t I have a BAT token for using it for 30 days?
Today is May 9, 2019 where are the BAT tokens reward?

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Grants are issued on an intermittent basis. More will be on the way soon.

A month has passed, more than a month and there are no BAT tokens. I have 10 x64 windows, there is no mobile version. Understand why BAT tokens do not come every day

There is no fixed schedule for the free token grants, and as you’ve observed, we haven’t been issuing many token grants on desktop lately. They may start again in the future for desktop, but there is no fixed schedule nor promise of promotional BAT grants for users on a monthly basis.

The primary way of earning BAT, especially on desktop, is through Brave Ads. As Brave Ads becomes more prevalent, we will be decreasing the frequency of free BAT token grants.

When will advertising in the browser for desktop computers in Russia

We’re just getting started. Understandably, there have already been A LOT of people asking for when their specific region will be added.

Each new region will depend on ease and expediency of staying within their regulations.

As we add regions, I’m sure there will be announcement posts.

approximately in what month of 2019 in Russia advertising for the browser will appear

We’re unlikely to give even approximate dates for new regions.

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