Brave 'Wayback Machine' Error Messages

Hi there,

Very frequently recently (at least 4-5 times per day when browsing), Brave keeps showing a ‘Sorry, that page is missing. Do you want to check if a saved version is available on the Wayback Machine’ error message at the top of new tabs that I open.

This happens despite the page loading successfully without issue, leaving me to have to continually exit these notifications every time they pop-up.

Can you please advise?


Go to this url: brave://settings/?search=wayback

And toggle the switch off



Before you do what @ItzMeRajat suggested, could you please open and check whether the Wayback message will have an option Don't ask me again?

Also, please provide the exact Brave version, found at brave://settings/help.



Yes, this Wayback message also appears on

Also to confirm, I’m using version 1.26.77 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164.

@ItzMeRajat’s suggestion will get rid of the Wayback messages.

Is there a particular reason you’re not using the latest version of Brave?

I wasn’t aware you were using an old version of Brave, and after seeing the lack of the Don't ask me again option in the screenshot from your comment, I thought there might be something wrong with that feature on MacOS.


Got it, thanks @Rethanis

I’ve switched this off now, so that seems to have resolved the issue!

Regarding the Brave version, it must only be the previous version before the recent update. Typically I keep quite a few tabs open, and so I’m usually just too lazy to close/reopen everything for a browser update.

Will make an exception in this case!

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