Brave wants access to confidential information


Whenever I start up Brave, I get the linked message. What does this mean? How can I fix it?

My OS is MacOS 10.13.1 btw.

Brave browser Mac key access

Chromium Safe Storage is where the credentials are encrypted and stored. The file exists inside Brave’s data folder and allowing it does not have an impact over the system. If you click Deny, the browser does not access to the encrypted passwords.

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It is used to encrypts passwords inside about:passwords.

Do you have ones on the page?

If no, open about:preferences#security and disable built-in password manager, and restart the browser to see if it still prompts the dialog.

If yes, please input your system password to encrypt the passwords. You may not save plain passwords for security reasons.

If you don’t want to input the system password (which is not leaked anyway), please turn off the default password manager and either use other password managers or consider to avoid using password managers at all.

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