Brave wallet will not send ERC-20 tokens when connected to my Ledger Nano X

I have two ERC-tokens currently unsupported by Ledger Live using my Ledger Nano X. So I access them using my Brave Wallet. I’ve successfully connected my Nano X to my Brave Wallet. I can see the amounts for each token and value etc. For the first time today I attempted to send these tokens from my Ledger Nano X via the Brave Wallet App to another address. When I attempted this it was ‘Approved’, but got hung up in the Queue. It would not send. So what I had to do was use MyEtherWallet instead. When I access Ledger Nano X via MyEtherWallet I have no issue and it sends fine. The problem is that the Brave Wallet when connected to my Nano X, which is similar to MetaMask does not interface with the Nano X for me to approve the transaction to send on my Nano X. I had it plugged in via USB with the ETH app open, but it would not interact. When I use MEW it interacts with my Nano X and I approve the transaction via the Nano X. Any thoughts on what is going on here? My Nano X is unable to send via the Brave Wallet when I have that connected. It’s just a pain because I have to go over to MEW to send when I believe I should be able to do it within the Brave Wallet, but it does not work.

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