Brave wallet transfer NFT

After I transfer the NFT in OpenSea from MetaMask to barve wallet, I should be there before I can transfer it back to MetaMask

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Sorry for the delay in replying. What type of token is it? You can add custom NFT tokens from brave://wallet with the “+ Visible Assets” button

The few NFTs have found on the OpenSea’s Polygon but have not found the way to turn back the Ethernet! Opensea is helping me! In addition, I would like to ask my Brave Reward where can I see it and extract it?

Brian R. Bondy via Brave Community <> 於 2022年3月20日週日 上午9:55寫道:

Brave rewards can be found in brave://rewards or in the triangle icon in your URL bar. It is not part of brave://wallet.

But I want to know how to withdraw to my wallet?

Brian R. Bondy via Brave Community <> 於 2022年3月23日週三 下午10:33寫道:

Please see