Brave Wallet Swap/Transfer

I can not transfer eth from Brave wallet to ledger wallet. never enough gas fees…

How do I fix this?

Do you have the minimum Ethereum or preferred gas fee payment method in the same wallet/account/profile/network/etc that you wish to send the crypto from? (I guess the wallet you’re sending from is the brave wallet integrated with the brave browser? Or Gemini or Uphold maybe?) You have to pay the gas fees to complete the block or transfer before the wallet interaction is finished, so make sure you have enough gas alongside the asset you want to send/transfer.

Next, the total gas fee required for the transfer is based on an equation who’s variables and values have to be updated in “real time”. This means the gas fee quoted might be outdated. To prevent this, make sure you don’t wait too long to press the final send (confirm) button once the gas fee is calculated and you’ve entered the needed info for the transfer. It can’t reach the receiving wallet if there’s no gas for the trip.

More tips:
-Verify the network (eth main net/polygon main net/etc…), coin type (ERC20/etc…), and other wallet data (addresses/memos/etc…) is entered correctly.
-See if you need an API key or something similar for the desired wallets to be able to communicate or interact.
-Make sure you’ve done all KYC and authentication steps if required.
-Make sure you have the correct asset for the gas fees. They aren’t always the same as the asset you want to send.
-See if you have at least the minimum amount that can be transferred for that asset.

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