Brave Wallet shows “Verify Wallet: but my Uphold wallet is already verified

Brave shows Uphold Wallet Verification “Pending” when Uphold has already verified Wallet.

  1. Click Brave Rewards
  2. Click Verify Wallet
  3. See Uphold Hello, Username Pending
  4. Click Complete Wallet Verification
  5. See that Uphold says that wallet is already verified.

Expected result is that when Uphold says that my Wallet is Verified that Brave also shows that I have a verified wallet.

Brave Version: Release Notes V1.22.70 (Mar 25, 2021)

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Fixed: Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet

I wish this title had the word “Verify” or “Verified” in it.

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Thank you for reaching out. Can I ask what region you’re located in?

North America, US, California.

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Have you already tried disconnecting/reconnecting your wallet from your Uphold account (using that same panel you’ve shown in your screenshot)? If not, can you try and see if that helps the connection go through?

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