Brave Wallet shows a $0 Balance. When does this update

I’ve been using the Brave browser for a bit now, although I am still extremely new so I’ not expected a payout or anything, but I have noticed that the balance In my wallet has not updated since I have been using. Does it only update once a month or does it update while using? Sorry for my ignorance just trying to learn how this works so I appreciate the assistance. Also, do you need to include an auto contribution? what exactly is that for?

  • 1 - Rewards Balance
  • 2 - Pending rewards

@meproulx31 which one is not updating?

the auto-contribution feature will take a portion of the bat you get in your wallet and sent them to the verified sites you visit every month, if you don’t wish to support content creators disable this feature.

This might be because of the contribution settings, what it does is explained by @JohnDproof

The Brave Rewards ‘card’ updates instantly, but at brave://rewards/ it updates when the pending rewards are added to your account.

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Yeah, so it looks like the pending rewards are updating, but not the reward balance. So I’m assuming once the pending rewards are complete, they are transferred to the rewards balance section correct? I guess I initially thought they both updated in real time but it seems like the rewards transfer after they are done pending, correct? @JohnDproof

@meproulx31 as you can see in your screenshot there is a “payment date” , when the day come, the payment process will start, it usually take several days to complete, at any moment trough the process you will receive a notification to claim your rewards.

the payment of June will include the Bat accumulated from the 1st - 31th of the month.

you can see here if you want some testing I’m doing about the payments

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@JohnDproof Ahh, I see thank you for the help your explanation makes sense and I figured that as the case but I just wanted to ask. Appreciate the assistance as always!

Excellent support @JohnDproof & @Augstin :+1: :+1: