Brave wallet showing wrong token price

Brave wallet showing wrong token price (compared to “Trust wallet” , “Metamask”).

Attached is BANANA USD price. Brave wallet showing $12.36 , the correct price is $ 0.02395.
I’ve confirmed the price with “Trust wallet” and “Metamask” and conclude only Brave wallet showing the wrong token price.
I hope this report will help developers team to build better web3 experience. Thanx.

Attached is the detail about BANANA token :

Token Contract Address

Token Decimal

Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

this is the only token shown with false price in Brave wallet that I noticed. Other major tokens seemed to showing valid price.

can someone at least try to look into this?
I switched to other web3 wallet temporary.

Thanks for your patience here @huanghongyie, very sorry for the delay. Taking a look now.

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